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Community Service Begins

A few posts back I mentioned that Adam Kokesh asked me to work with him on a new project in DC this September. I’m 110% game for that, but if I’m going to commit, I need to finish my community service in the Shire so that I don’t go to prison for 3 years!

Today I awoke in Keene, in the Shire, after taking a bus trip from Philadelphia to NYC, and then NYC to Keene. About an hour from this writing, I will be starting my new community service role at the Community Kitchen here in Keene. I spoke with two of the ladies who run the show over there, and it seems like they will have a lot of work for me to do, which is great! I have 124 hours to complete to satisfy Judge Burke, and I only have about 3 weeks to do it all!

In addition to working over at the Community Kitchen, I will also be volunteering my time as a videographer and editor for the Hundred Nights Shelter. Hundred Nights is a homeless shelter in Keene founded by a formerly homeless man who wanted to help out the community. It survives on private donations from community members, not “state” or even “city” funding. I want to record video of the people who benefit from the organization so that I can help connect donors with the institution and those it serves.

Wish me luck today! I’ll report back on my experience and first impressions here soon.

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