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DerrickJ Leaves Shire for Mordor

Today I left Keene in the Shire and arrived in Washington, D.C. I used AG Services (Darryl W. Perry’s Agorist Cab services) to Brattleboro, Vermont, where I hopped aboard an Amtrak train headed for D.C. I tweeted while I was on the train. It ended up being an eventful ride. I arrived over 3 hours late after the train’s motor broke down a few times and was eventually replaced. Several times, the interruptions occurred without any explanation by Amtrak staff. I was very disappointed, and tweeted to let them know. @Amtrak responded to my tweet and directed me to call customer service. I did, and I was given a $100 travel voucher good for one year. Yay! That really helped resolve the issue for me.

Here’s a high-quality video I did before leaving:

Here’s a livestream I did before leaving:

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