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DerrickJ Meets Brandon Raub

Brandon Raub is a Marine who was taken from his home a month ago while I was in DC covering Lemonade Raw Milk Freedom Day 2012. It shocked me to learn that he was taken to a mental hospital because of some posts on his Facebook page. Apparently, his typings about “Kickstarting the Revolution” and “Severing Heads” (a quote from a song) frightened the folks at the FBI, Secret Service, and his local Sheriff, because they all appeared at his house and took him to a mental hospital. He was never charged with a crime, but now he is no longer allowed to purchase a firearm because he has been involuntarily committed to a mental hospital.

Yesterday morning, Adam Kokesh and the AVTM crew were sitting at our conference table when Adam turned some of us on the news that Raub would be speaking to a group of Republicans in his home town. Rachel Bussell, the AVTM Affiliate Coordinator, and I drove 3+ hours to Surry, VA to attend this meeting. The event began late, and the Republicans were suspicious of Rachel and me in our AVTM hats and cameras. One of the chair people asked if we were there to get a soundbyte and make them sound like crazies. I assured him we were only there to hear Brandon speak, and they he (Brandon) had our support.

While we were waiting, I went out to get pizza. When I came back, I was informed that Rachel had spoken with Raub. He had been eating with a sharply dressed black man (who I suspected to be Raub’s lover) & Lauri (Chairwoman who called the meeting). Rachel relayed to me that while Lauri, who called the event and promoted it on Facebook, had no problem with us recording the event to promote on Adam Vs The Man. Brandon Raub, however, asked us not to record because, he explained, his lawyers asked him not to do any interviews without their permission. He said he had done 3 interviews without telling his lawyers, and they were mad at him for it.

When I met him, he seemed nervous. He looked down a lot, and avoided eye contact for most of the interaction. He sort of talked under his breath, but not too sheepishly. Here’s the video. It speaks for itself.

Also, later, Rachel and I pulled over to get some gas, and I ran into a Sheriff’s deputy who pulled over a woman for cutting him off. He was very friendly.

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