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Keene PD Causes Chaos at 3am

This morning at about 3am two men named Joshua English and Kyle Macie pulled up in front of my house bringing a barking german shepherd, made threats at my friends, and left.

I was away at the time of the incident, but I will relay the information as best I can in chronological order:

It was about 3am and all is quiet. Then comes the sound of a german shepherd savagely barking outside the Keene Activist Center. About five activists pour outside, three of them grabbing cameras at a moment’s notice.

Apparently JJ was the first outside, analyzed the scene, and went back inside to tell Nemi she was receiving a ticket.

Nemi had a brief conversation with Kyle Macie, one of the men in costume. He told her that he didn’t want to talk to her with the “camera games.” She wasn’t filming, and persisted in asking clarifying questions about this piece of paper on her car.

Upon arriving on the scene, Ian Freeman sees Nemi Jones holding the piece of paper and talking with Kyle. Pete Eyre and Cecelia form a camera chain and record from incremental distances. (This is an excellent tactic for defending against seizure of property–e.g. cameras.)

Nemi continued to ask more clarifying questions of Joshua, the other man in costume. He told her she had been given a ticket, and everything was explained on the paper. She persisted, “I’m asking you.” He again refused to explain further and began walking to his car. She asked this man to identify himself. He remained silent and closed his car door behind him, driving forward about 20 feet.

The men in costumes requested that the cameras be turned off, and when they were convinced that was the case, they “issued warnings” rather than the ticket. Joshua took back the ticket he had written and drove away with his comrade following behind him.

After the incident, JJ relayed to Nemi that if they moved their cars, they would just get warnings.

The alleged crime? Parking in the street after 1am.

Well THANK GOODNESS the costumed nannys are on the job! Where would our peaceful town be without these brave men with guns and dogs threatening criminal parkers! Two other cars were also parked in the street. Neither of them received threats or warnings; just Nemi.

Why threaten a peaceful person with extortion for a “crime” that hurt nobody? Why send out 2 cops and cruisers at 3am to ticket a car for a parking offense? Why ticket one car for an offense but not the adjacent others? Why bring an angrily barking german shepherd into a quiet neighborhood in the middle of the night? Who are the police protecting and serving?

More questions than answers, indeed.

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