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Ademo is out of Jail!!

This morning I had a candid phone interview with my brother Ademo Freeman, Founder of, who was found guilty of “wiretapping” public employees at work. In the interview, he reveals some insights from his experiences on the inside of Manchester’s Valley Street Jail.

Here’s a link to the full video interview on Fr33manTVraw.

1 reply on “Ademo is out of Jail!!”

This question is mainly directed towards “Ademo”, who will surely go down in history as one of humankind’s great liberators. Are you not ashamed, even slightly, of this video:

I mean, you should be, seeing as almost everyone who has watched that despises you. I don’t expect a reply, as you seem like the kind of person who doesn’t really have anything approaching an ideology, apart from “ooh, the police are real mean, they should leave me and my buddies alone”.

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