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AVTM Writer’s Workshop

Today Adam and I held a writer’s conference for the writers of the ADAM VS THE MAN Newscast. We met over Google Hangout. The seminar lasted about 2 hours. Ali made me coffee before things got started. It was so cool to be surrounded by so many dedicated brilliant minds who cherish both liberty and comedy. What an amazing feeling to be developing and leading such a team of creators.

I called Aunt Ricky tonight and recorded the call. It has been uploaded to FR33MANTVraw for posterity. I’ve labored away at preparing everything needed for those BitCoin videos Roger Ver has commissioned me to create. I’ve put in every extra effort to make them as professional as can be. I’ve planned out a script. I’ve captured high-quality video which I will be professionally editing. I’m using a high-quality professional-grade microphone and pop-filters for the voice-over track. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m very proud of my work so far and I’m looking forward to a rewarding outcome. Ideally, I would put these videos on a website which people can easily find and reference when they have questions about bitcoins.

I am exhausted but I want to push on and finish preparing notes for my podcast tomorrow before I fall asleep. I’ll be producing a podcast tomorrow evening. I’ll report on the world news of the week and focus on peaceful resistance. Onward and upward!

Oh yeah! I forgot. I produced a video today and uploaded it to FR33MANTV. In it, I reach out to my audience to write about themselves in the comments section below the video. It’s gotten some good responses already. Check it out:

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