Victimless Crime Spree Haters

This comment was recently posted by a commenter on Top Documentary Films and reminded me of how I used to get upset at words like these. They used to inspire me to spend the next hour writing a detailed response to every point made by the nay-sayer. Those words would be ignored or further trolled. What I learned was that people who make comments like this one aren’t actually interested in answers to their questions. That can be frustrating for answer-seekers and problem solvers to accept. It was for me. But I’ve found that now that I’ve let go of the need to respond to these types of comments with words, I’ve been much more satisfied to respond to them with my life’s work.

That’s the one thing these nay-sayers can’t ignore. Of course anarchists have the most moral and practical ideology. But are we to expect any doubters to accept that on faith? They may not be intelligent enough to comprehend the philosophy, but what any person can see is the outward choices that people make about living their lives. Me? I produce media in exchange for anything but the US dollar. That’s one simple way to set an example for others to follow.

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