Blessings Featured Live Free Or Dance Networks Video

forgive me father its been two months since my last chat session

My dear friend and beloved artist Sam Gurry has a cool blog. Today I found this video she made…

I love Sam’s style. She calls it “collage.” She works with a lot of blurring the lines of different artforms, in a way that blows my mind. She did the first-ever banner for this very website, and was also my competition during a recent costume competition at a New York City burlesque show. I was horrified and delighted at the same time, and I hadn’t even taken my drugs yet.

There’s something so deeply captivating to me about her animated collages, if not for just the simple fact that they’re so much fun to look at. Sam is an amazing artist in my opinion. She just joined up with the amazing crew over at If you want to check out more, you can subscribe to her blog as well as her vimeo account.

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