Press Release: NH Man Commits Victimless Crime Spree

Derrick J. Freeman Arrested While Singing and Having Fun

A man in Keene has ended his crime spree after being arrested twice this past week for the crimes of Obstructing Government Administration, Resisting Arrest, Refusing to Process, Possession of Marijuana, and Violating Bail Conditions.

Give Peace A Chance

Keene, NH (LFOD) September 18, 2011 — Music began to play from the gazebo in Keene’s Central Square on Friday night around 10:30pm September 9th.  Just 2 minutes into the peaceful, fun-loving dancing, two men from the Keene Police Department entered the park, and the music stopped.  After some questioning by police about the owner of the musical equipment, one officer announced he was confiscating the property without reason or proper investigation.  Derrick J. Freeman, Ryan Maddox, and Roz Alejandro attempted to safeguard the equipment for which they were taking responsibility.  They were then arrested for “Obstructing Government Administration.”

Freeman was walked to the cruiser where he communicated with the law enforcer that he did not wish to step into the vehicle and felt like he was being wrongfully (and illegally) arrested.  Officer Kopcha of the Keene PD then maced Derrick in the face for “Resisting Arrest” even though Derrick never physically resisted.  Kopcha, twice Derrick’s size, never attempted to lift the arrested man to place him in the car, but instead relied on the force of a weapon to achieve compliance.

Once at  the jail the three were threatened by jail staff with being locked in a cold cell without food until they cooperated. The three were undecided on whether they wanted to process or not. They were later released on PR bonds with Ryan and Roz being first and Derrick several hours later.

Wednesday, the crime spree continued, as Derrick J. Freeman packed a marijuana pipe (openly) in Keene’s Central Square.  Since Keene’s dramatic liberty arrests two years ago, smoking marijuana in Central Square has been a daily event garnering little-to-no aggression from locals or law enforcement.  Wednesday, however, Keene Police did arrest Mr. Freeman for “possession of marijuana” and “violation of bail conditions.”

One local witness to both events, James J. Schlessinger, said, “The event seemed very peaceful until the police aggressed against the peaceful participants.”

These arrests come on the heels of Keene’s music festival last week which faced many more noise complaints but garnered no arrests.

About Live Free Or Dance: is a website dedicated to covering celebrations of personal liberty, the non-aggression principle, and the right of individuals to dance and have a good time. LFOD has a goal of making Keene’s Central Square a peaceful place.  Through the promotion of peaceful interactions, we seek to encourage others to engage in exclusively nonviolent behavior.



Derrick J. Freeman

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