Derrick J Can’t Take the Heat

It’s still winter in Philadelphia, but I can’t take the heat. This city is a post-apocalyptic landscape rife with police abuse, heroin junkies, and nanny statism. I am counting down the days until I am able to return to Keene. I want freedom.

2 thoughts on “Derrick J Can’t Take the Heat

  1. Genny Pearl

    I love your passion Derrick. I feel all this pain and see all the ignorance too. I want to also be around people who have the same views as me. Can Gabe an I come to NH with you? I love you Derrick! THANK YOU.

    1. derrickj Post author

      Thanks for your empathy, Genny. Yes! People who want freedom in their lifetimes are moving to New Hampshire. See you and Game there!

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