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Great day for liberty activists, bad day for Keene City bureaucrats.

This morning I met with 4 other activists to inform the “City of Keene” that we would all be taking our traffic tickets to court. It took an hour at the Keene Police Department just to inform them and get court dates (mine is Jan. 5th). In order to oblige the people calling themselves the state to waste more of their time, 3 of us filed for discovery for our parking tickets.

The total fines attempting to be collected by those who call themselves the City of Keene is roughly $200. How much will it cost them? Consider paying somebody at the police department or the clerk’s office some time and energy and resources looking up case files, making copies, assembling them and shipping them. Then you’d have to arrange for a prosecutor, a judge, secretaries, and clerks to schedule a block of time dedicated to each individual issue. Agents of the state also have to pay the meter maid who ticketed me for appearing in court as a witness rather than doing their job of “collecting revenue.”

Despite this process being a part of THEIR system, the bureaucrats serving us today did not seem delighted as I would have imagined. After all, they are integral cogs in the statist machine and should LOVE the opportunity for more court cases, as that would imply justice is being done. But they weren’t happy.

And I think that’s a good thing. That’s why I’m going to return tomorrow with another Keeniac activist who is taking 5 parking tickets to court. For her, that means an hour in court and some time preparing. For agents of the state, that’s more time working on collecting useless bits of info and scheduling time and paying payrolls. And after all that, even if court decides in favor of the prosecutor, agents of the state STILL won’t collect any money because many of these activists would rather serve their fine with community service or jail time.

Aggressing against peaceful drivers does not pay in Keene. What was intended to collect $5 of revenue for the state in the form of a parking ticket now becomes a 4 figure expense for the state. When will the police learn

How ya like them apples, Keene bureaucrats?

(Video of this event to come out within 24 hours)

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