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VIDEO: College Dorm Invaded by SWAT

The Police State is getting deathly serious. SWAT teams are conducting “Active Shooter” drills at schools from kindergarten to university. No young person can escape the conditioning. The lesson is simple:

Men with guns. Do what they say.

Just watch this first-person angle of a recent college dorm room raid in Connecticut:

You can’t argue with a gun pointed at your face. Is this what your college experience was like?

Proponents of the police state are quick to defend the aggressive intrusions as “necessary to protect the children.” I think it’s time we had a discussion about self-determination, and what it means to be the master of your own life. Can anyone be the master of his or her own life, if strangers can storm into your home with guns and demand you follow their instructions? Isn’t that precisely the scenario from which police are supposedly “protecting” citizens? When military men break down your door, how can you be sure they have your best interest at heart?

It seems to me that the “Powers That Be” are intentionally stirring a domestic resistance, provoking violence to generate push-back. As those trusted with power continually overstep boundaries to the point where they’re terrorizing innocent people, they’re hoping someone defends himself and fights back. That’s the wrong move. It’s a trap.

If you use violence to resist those who violate your freedom, you justify the expansion of the police state. Peaceful people must instead outsmart those who employ violence in order to defeat them. Think several moves ahead.

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