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Derrick J Freeman hosts the Angel Clark Show Thursday, April 24, 2014. The topic: Reality Check!

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Humanists Challenge “Under God”,0,2049223.story#axzz2zgL1Bmbu


Atheists get “under god” is stupid but don’t get that the pledge is stupid. (“statism religion”)

Tech CEO Beats Girlfriend, Receives Community Service –

Problem with the Justice System & People gotta lose the misplaced aggression


Photographer Bummed Band Used His Photo Without Credit

Reality Check: Bulletproof Subway Restaurants in Chicago Sign of Violent Times (for Gun-Free zones)

Shot in Gun Free Zones


Vermont VS DC

Map of Cities:

2 Days Ago: Chicago US Attorney Creates Violent Crimes Section to Focus on City’s Gun VIolence


More Guns, Less Crime: (John Lott) 1998,_Less_Crime

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