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Derrick J Returns to Free Talk Live

I am doing an episode of Free Talk Live tonight, and I’ll be updating this blog post periodically during the broadcast.

0:30ish: Ian mentioned a book — “How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World” by Harry Browne. A guy named Ty from Tennessee called in about 4 Agreements, Don Miguel Luiz, Path to Happiness (Self Mastery-Guide) — Getting control of a chain reaction that starts with your thoughts and ends with your actions and repeats in a feedback loop.

1:00ish: A caller asking about a voluntary government! My favorite topic!

1:45ish: Exposing others to alternatives to non-consentual government.

2:15ish: Dave the punk musician complains about his step father threatening to steal his truck even though he has the title.

2:30ish: Hacker “Weev” Bills Govt For Time in Jail

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