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Church Fails to Separate from State | Angel Clark Show

Derrick J joins Angel Clark in the second hour of her show for Guest Libertarian Thursdays. Watch, listen, and chat LIVE below:

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Topics:  – New version of TAILS Linux came out 2 days ago

Shire Free Church attempting peaceful separation from the State

Keene Chalk Wars Turn Hot; City Discusses Ban

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After 2 years away from the Shire, this month Derrick J returned to Free Talk Live as a regular Monday night co-host. He also co-hosts the Freedom Feens podcast with Michael Dean, appears as a regular panelist on the weekly internet show The Bitcoin Group, and hosts his own “info-tainment” shows 3 times a week. Peace News Now is a video podcast streamed live online Sundays and Tuesdays at , and Bitcoin Talk Show is an interactive call-in show that airs Wednesdays on the World Crypto Network. Subscribe to Derrick J’s content, and learn what he’s doing today at


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