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I Was Attacked for Recording in Keene

After video recording his arraignment for charges of Second-Degree Assault, James Michael Phillips and his posse came across the street and knocked my camera to the ground.  Before attacking me and my property, it appears they called the police to the scene. When the police arrived, they investigated the crimes of theft and two assaults.

Here are the raw videos capturing the scene that unfolded. Unfortunately, each video cuts out after the assailants grab the cameras from my hands and threw them on the ground.

The assailants names are:

Rafael Hernandez (knocks my camera off tripod, breaks battery ~$100)

Justin Paquette (stole my  live-streaming phone and handed it to James Michael Phillips)

James Michael Phillips (the man in the blue shirt who was just arraigned for charges of second-degree assault, tossed my phone on the sidewalk)

Danni Pelkey (the girl with short brown hair and a baby

Dale Harrison (grandmother of baby; Danni Pelkey’s mother)


6 replies on “I Was Attacked for Recording in Keene”

This person in the blue shirt was giving me all the wrong vibes right off the bat.

– He lied.

– His clothes don’t fit.

– The way he moved and held his head.

This is not a political context anymore. These people are not government employees that you are targeting for subversion, co-option, neutralization, etc. These are private individuals. You have no political cause here.

Greeting this person in the super-friendly way you did, given his background of violence, was all wrong. It communicated to him that you are a pushover. With violent people, you must communicate strength, no matter whether you have it or not.

When the car pulled up and the other kid appeared, that’s it. I’m done. Any smart tactician is out of there no later than that moment because all the signs of imminent conflict are there.

Think about your options at a moment like this. You can stay and try to talk them down but at what risk? The risk to you and your property is high. For what gain? None. You have nothing to gain in this situation. It’s all lose. So you exit the situation and live to fight another day.

Unless you’re prepared to engage in a physical confrontation of 1 peaceful you against 3 (later 5 or 6?) violent and angry types (foolish), then for your own safety you have no business there. There is no self-interest to pursue anymore, except to leave and get to safety.

You let the guy in the blue shirt get way too close to you. No potential antagonist should ever be closer to you than how far your foot can kick or hit. That’s your sphere and you have to protect it.

Mocking them was unwise, no matter how much in the wrong they are. It helps no one and no cause for you to get hurt. Furthermore, the mocking will be used by them to sully your name and make you look equally responsible for the outcome.

When you have people on both sides of you and a wall to your back (that’s what the end of the first video looks like), your tactically fucked. The guy who broke your first camera, he wasn’t even on camera until the end of the first video. That means that he wasn’t even really on your radar. That’s a serious tactical mistake.

The moment they broke your first camera was another red flag telling you leave. But you stayed.

I encourage you to study self-defense strategy and tactics, including martial arts such as aikido, hapkido, judo, krav maga and similar. Be sure the dojo you select is for real and not some jerkoff black-belt factory.

What did you hope to accomplish with this interaction?

Did you accomplish?

Was this ROI positive for you in any sense, be it financial or otherwise?

You need to be more strategic when approaching these kind of interactions because this looks like a loss for you. Something needs to change before you get hurt.

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