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KAC Karaoke | Freedom Songs

Last night I sang karaoke with members of the Keene Activism Center. These are the songs I sang:

When I played the song on YouTube, I noticed the comment at the top was from my friend Chris Cantwell

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 10.40.38 AM


Singing songs like these make me want to make an album of Liberty Activists singing songs of peace and freedom.

All of these songs work great as sing-a-longs, but this one was the best of the night because of all the harmony.

This one is an old favorite, and I’m not sure if it fits the genre, but it was fun to sing.

This one made me cry. And one liberty activist said he was ashamed he didn’t recognize it. It’s a ballad sort of song about a boxer who was framed for a murder/robbery.

I like to cool off the night with a slower-song. This one is happy and helps put me to sleep. Wanna sing a song with me? Get in touch at derrickjfreeman at gmail dot com. Rock on, freedom lovers!

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I knew a few. Tough to do the draft dodger rag since the draft hasn’t been used in years.
If I had a hammer has always been a favorite! Go figure.

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