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Police State Monday | Angel Clark Show

Monday, August 11, 2014

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Los Angeles Woman Punched in Face Speaks Out

Oakland Police Officer Reinstated with Back-Pay After Throwing Grenade at Protesters


Government Seized Elderly Woman’s Savings


Mother Sues Police For Interrogating 10-Year-Old Son


NYPD: Chokehold Didn’t Kill Garner, Anti-Police Rhetoric Did  (Or: Police try to cover their butts for murder)


Defender of Murderous NYPD Complains No One Respects Cops


Mother Sues Police for Using Taser on 8-Year-Old


18-Year-Old Teen Killed by Police

Name is Michael Brown


Kurdish Rebels Save Iraqi Refugees


Journalist Crosses Border Dressed as Osama Bin Laden


Students Upset About Obama Vending Machines Taking Away Choice

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