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Surviving a Massacre | Freedom Feens

I had the great pleasure of hosting the late-night radio show Freedom Feens with Bill Buppert this Sunday night. Bill shared a story about a young man who endured a real-life massacre in Iraq but lived to tell the tale. Plus, the Queen has her panties in a bunch over Scotland’s pesky independence problem.

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Derrick J.
and Bill Buppert fill in for MWD (who is watching re-runs of Frasier. Seriously.) Topics include:

Man Survives ISIS Massacre and Lives to Tell
Islamic State Just set Up Govt of Which Statist
Police Lose Weapons

Patriot Act Gets Worse
BearCat, yes and of course, anything about going stateless
Suspended Law Enforcement Agencies
James Cleaveland Panders to Student Voters
Have You Talked With Your Child About the Pledge of Allegience?
Atlas Shrugged III is coming out Friday Sept 12
Larken Rose: The Jones Plantation
Tiny Town Built by Sex Offenders
Queen of England Shivers as Scotland Separates
This is what the Scottish National Party Actually Believe
Charlie Shrem Pleads Guilty to Silk Road Charges