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Fascism Is Real and Alive | CopBlock Radio | Sep 3, 2014

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“Good Cop” Calls In


Police Get SHUT DOWN By Guy at Door


Cops Decapitate Boy’s Pet Chicken


Police Arrest Young Black Politician Distributing Voters Rights Leaflets


How Cops Can Help Citizens Better Understand Police Use of Force


Cops Beat Man, 3 Dash Cams Break


MI Cops Intrude, Pepper Spray, Arrest, Brutalize Population


Funny or Die Police Need to Calm the Fuck Down


Arrested Teacher Wrote Fiction


Nathan in Texas: “No-Refuse Searches of Bodily Fluids by Implied Consent”


Kory Watkins of Tarrant County Peaceful Streets Project


Philly Cops Stealing Homes because they can


Rich Kid Charged with Impersonating a Transformer


Cop Who Raped 8 Women Gets Support Online



Girl Calls Cops for Help, But they Taser and Break Boyfriend’s Face


Cop Testimony More Reliable Than Video Evidence


Fascism is Real and Alive

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