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Derrick J Defends Stefan Molyneux on Free Talk Live

Tonight I called into Free Talk Live. For the second night, they were bashing Stefan Molyneux for an out-of-place comment made during one of his recent podcasts. I felt compelled to call and defend not his statements, but his value as a philosopher. We all agreed that he was mistaken, but my conclusion is that he speaks and acts very differently from Ian and the other hosts of Free Talk Live because he is afraid of the State. We are not.

The relevant portion begins at around 1:06:00 (1 hour and 6 minutes in):

Also on video at 1:17:00 (1 hour and 17 minutes in):

What do you think? Was I far off? Is Stefan just a looney with no philosophical value?

Here’s the original video clip we are talking about. The relevant section is about 19 minutes in:

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