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Jim Jesus Calls FTL on Moly!

Jim Jesus takes up a minor beef with Derrick J for his recent blog post in defense of Stefan Molyneux.

Jim points out that Stefan himself claims a person can ignore a philosopher who doesn’t follow his own advice. This is troubling because Stefan calls the state an immoral institution but then uses the state and advocates obedience. My contention is that this apparent contradiction is the result of Stefan’s fear of the State — that he is unwilling to suffer for the philosophy of liberty the way Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live is. I speculate that is why he is philosophically inconsistent when it comes to using and obeying State agents.

What do *you* think? Am I dead wrong? Is Stefan a cult leader whose power has clouded his thinking? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

2 replies on “Jim Jesus Calls FTL on Moly!”

Hi Derrick, I’ve noticied your approach to this topic some time ago. I’m wondering – would suggest that people resist violence with firmness in every situation ? No backing down ?
The other word I would like to understand is “suffer” for filosophy. It sounds to me like suffer for happiness. You suggest people should throw themself under “the tanks” to (maybe) help the others?

Hey Tomas, I don’t suggest that people do anything except follow their rational self-interest. For me, that means living free and taking the consequences. Sometimes I choose to back down. Sometimes I “suffer” for the sake of illustrating a philosophical point. I don’t believe in altruism. Everyone must find his own path to freedom. Hope this helps.

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