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If France Had More Guns, Maybe Cartoonist Wouldn’t Be Murdered | Peace News | Jan 8, 2015

Twelve cartoonists at the Parisian offices of the satire newspaper Charlie Hebdo have been killed by a Muslim extremist. Maybe if they had guns to defend themselves, it wouldn’t have been such a massacre. In this episode, I am joined by John Vibes of The Free Thought Project, Dave Ridley of the Ridley Report, and NH State House Rep John Burt (who gave a rousing speech on something called “Rule 63”). Topics include:

Henry David Thoreau Puppet Show

Rumain Brisbon Killed on Doorstep

Cartoonists Murdered

Reason’s take

Banksy’s Tribute

The Onion – No One Murdered for this Cartoon

NH Lawmakers Love Their Guns

Case Against Heroic Peaceful Resistor Julian Heicklan Dropped

Everybody Loves an American Sniper

Give That Money Back! by David Crawford

What Was the Explosion at the NAACP Building About?

Charitable Lemonade Girl

How the Silk Road Trial Will Change Everything

Silk Road Event: Peaceful Demonstration Outside US Courthouse

Pat Robertson Recommends Hitting Children Who Reject Religion

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