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What if the 2nd Amendment Means What it Says?

The people came out to the State House to overwhelmingly say “YES!”

A bill proposed by Senators Bradley and Boutin and cosponsored by JR Hoell would remove the requirement for a Concealed Carry License. This means that anyone legally allowed to open carry in NH could also carry discreetly. This is a big deal for me, since currently I am fighting an uphill battle against my local police chief for denying my license despite NH supposedly being a “Shall-issue” state. The reality is that if the police don’t like you, they can deny you by claiming you’re “not suitable.” What does “suitable” mean? It’s not defined anywhere in the law!

Clearly a change needs to be made, and the people know it. About a hundred people came out to the State House to speak in support of the bill that would make New Hampshire more like Vermont by loosening restrictions on free people to protect themselves. Only 4 people spoke against the bill. 2 of them were law enforcers who were, by the way, wearing guns openly (I don’t think anyone else can do that). Are there 2 classes of men?

It should also be noted that the law enforcers were in full uniform and left at exactly 5pm. That tells me that half of the opponents to the bill were on *paid time*. They drove there in cars paid for the taxpayers, with gas paid for by the taxpayers, collecting money from taxpayers to lobby the government to take away the taxpayer’s rights, all the while exercising a power that the taxpayers don’t have (wearing a gun openly in the State House). Is this how you want the police to be using your money?

My video from the event is above in full 1080 HD. Unfortunately, since a local thug recently broke my camera battery, I didn’t have enough juice to record the whole thing. However, long-time Free Stater “Biker Bill” captured all 4 and a half hours of the event and has posted it to his website, His video is below.

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