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Keene Voters Enslave Their Neighbors

The Free Staters are upsetting local bureaucrats again. This time they tried to return freedom to the people by limiting the amount of money local politicians can demand from them. The politicians weren’t happy.

One of the school board members said, “We don’t need a very small minority of people in this community — that do not in any way represent the will of the people — telling us how to do our job.”

That’s an interesting statement given that, according to the same article, only 100 people out of 16,276 registered voters attended the meeting. Even if no Free Staters attended, it would still be a small minority telling the school board what to do. How do we know if they represent “the will of the people”? We don’t.

The people who attend the meeting are most likely to be the ones who have something at stake. If you’re the average taxpayer in Keene, it’s not worth your 4 hours on a Saturday morning just for a *chance* at protecting yourself against a tax increase. After all the taxes, when distributed among the population of Keene, only amounts to an increase of about $150 per person. However if you’re the average *recipient* of those taxes (like a teacher or administrator), you have thousands of dollars of incentive to show up and vote yourself a pay increase.

It’s an immoral system. No person has the right to demand your money. It does’t matter if it’s one person demanding your money, two people, or 51% of people. No one has a right to take what is yours. Conceding this is what leads to starvation and scarcity in socialist countries.

Incentives matter. When people can vote themselves the ability to take more of your money, they will do that until there’s nothing left. That is why the school board so vehemently opposed a cap on the amount they can tax. They don’t want any restrictions. They want to be able to tax you as much as they want. They don’t see a problem with this. I do. It’s unsustainable and unjust.

Here’s some video that I recorded at the school board meeting:

I talked about this on last night’s episode of Freedom Feens:

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