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Judge Burke Sentences James to Jail, Suspended

Heroic activist, blogger, entrepreneur, and Free State Project participant James Cleaveland was sentenced in Judge Burke’s courtroom in Keene, New Hampshire for the charges of “disorderly conduct” and “resisting arrest”. His charges stem from a June 30th incident in which James was video recording police. According to officer accounts, James was ordered to move back from an “active scene,” and he complied. After complying with the first officer’s request, a different officer demanded he move back further. He refused and was arrested.

The allegation by police is that James’ refusal to move when ordered is what resulted in his “disorderly conduct” charge, and the physical movement of his recording arm when arrested is what resulted in a “resisting arrest” charge. Both charges are Class A Misdemeanors that are each punishable by up to 1 year in jail and $1000 in fines. On December 30, 2014, Judge Burke found James guilty of both charges in Cheshire County District Court. Yesterday Judge Burke sentenced James to 1 and a half years in jail, suspended on the condition of “good behavior,” plus $650 in fines. James has decided to appeal this decision to Superior Court. A date is not yet set for the new trial.

Here is video from the first trial of James Cleaveland, in which he defends himself “pro se.”

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1 reply on “Judge Burke Sentences James to Jail, Suspended”

I just wanted to say thank you. I appreciate the fact your taking the steps necessary to move things forward for freedom-loving individuals everywhere. While a lot of people won’t like your “antics” the reality is your approach is working and attracting the attention of freedom-lovers everywhere. Keep stepping up to authority and you’ll find more and more people clamoring to move to New Hampshire. I certainly will be as soon as its humanly feasible.

I believe the Free State Project will not only succeed , but that we should start thinking bigger. There are people all over the world who desire freedom and will never have it unless there is a free state willing to accept them. Unfortunately we will never have that within the borders of the United States.

The question is how can we bring about a country to open up immigration enough such that we can gain the upper hand? Its unlikely any country would willingly open immigration up such that it would enable a group to change its politics.

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