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Take it to Court!

On Thursday of this week, I was getting ready to leave for the Manchester Airport with Kelly when “code enforcer” Fred Parcells was spotted pulling out of my next-door-neighbor’s driveway. Then I realized that I had a ticket on my windshield, and so did Kelly!

Fred had sneakily pulled up into my neighbor’s driveway, and somehow plopped tickets on our two cars while we were outside in plain view. I say that he did it sneakily because despite the fact that we were outside about 20 feet away from our cars, he didn’t use his words to talk to us or make his presence apparent.

Over the last year, Fred has victimized me with a handful of tickets for crimes involving no victim. It’s part of his modus operandi to remain silent while dispensing state violence in the form of tickets. It seems he has forgotten how to deal with issues like a human being and instead resorts to threats of force in response to petty issues and made-up charges like this one. He has no obligation to ticket anyone, so he is pursuing these interactions intentionally despite what some may say about him “just doing his job.”

Last time I received a ticket from Fred, it was for the same charge: he claimed that my car was impeding the path of the sidewalk, which was untrue. It appears he just likes to boss people around and not stand behind his claims because the tickets that have been levied against me have all been dropped when I inform the court that I demand a trial.

It’s as simple as that. Hate paying tickets? Refuse to pay. Take the aggressors to court and make them PROVE beyond a reasonable doubt that 1) there is a victim, and 2) they can produce bulletproof evidence of the crime. Police can almost never do either of these things. That doesn’t mean you will win in court, but it does increase the likelihood that law enforcement will drop the charges.

Despite the fact that many jurisdictions reward the state aggressor with overtime (1.5x) hourly pay for testifying in court, many agents back down from those situations. They are, for the time being, unused to their victims standing up for themselves.

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