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Call Me Skeptical

I hate seeing good people manipulated. These two are being held without bail, and according to the FBI they confessed to wanting to join the Islamic State?

Forgive my skepticism, but this strikes my conspiracy funny bone. First, the FBI is always “catching” people that it set up in the first place. Second, these people look like average Americans, which feeds into the Police State narrative that our neighbors could all be terrorists, so we must relinquish our freedoms in return for “security”. But security from what?

How did the FBI discover these two? What if the FBI violated their privacy? What if they used that has justification to violate your privacy and everyone else’s? What if the whole thing was just manufactured to manipulate your fears to accept having your privacy violated?

Part of this story’s narrative is that the husband wanted to produce media in Syria to get the truth out about what’s happening there because “the US media is all lies.” So if you question the mainstream media, you believe the same as the terrorist?

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