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Gangster Cop Stomps One-Legged Homeless Man – CopBlock Radio

Was the curb stomp justified? Maybe. We can’t see the what happened before the video began, but what we can see is 14 men and women dressed in black and armed to the teeth, kicking and punching a one-legged homeless man. His bare ass hanging out and his face drooling on the brick sidewalk, he pleads with his attackers, “Please let go of me,” but his cries are unanswered. Fortunately a cadre of cop blockers and their video cameras capture the events that unfold, as the police scramble for justification of their horrendous actions. They set up a blockade to prevent recording and accountability.

Derrick J, DEO, and Severin bring you the most popular headlines from throughout the week. Allentown police body slamming and arresting a man for singing, two videos of police shooting people’s family pets, and NY State Troopers caught on camera lying and stealing. Plus, we even cover and critique a video so you can benefit and learn the strategies that will make you more effective at holding the police accountable and spreading viral videos of misconduct.

Topher from CopBlockNJ calls in to share the Facebook and Twitter pages and get connected with anyone else who might enjoy the “suicide mission” of recording police in New Jersey. Check out the show notes for this episode for all the links to the stories we mentioned, and buy a hat, shirt, and stickers at the CopBlock Store to support the show.

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