Free State Politburo Says NO RECORDING

I called into Free Talk Live last night to voice my concerns that the Free State Politburo was doing the wrong thing by attempting to prevent some media from recording Edward Snowden’s speech while allowing others. It is their right, sure, but it is stupid because it ignores the reality that in 2016, you can’t actually prevent someone from recording. Instead of preventing this peaceful behavior by their attendees, they could have encouraged recording, live-streaming, tweeting, and other forms of social engagement in order to capitalize on the event. They blew it.

One thought on “Free State Politburo Says NO RECORDING

  1. Carlos

    Thanks for denouncing this. Of course, as you say, it was a private event and they have the right to do whatever they want. But they should understand that information is free and any attempt to control/limit it, even if well-meant, is futile and means shooting themselves in their feet.

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