Gentlemen Prefer BitcoinSV

Last night while hosting the national radio show Free Talk Live, a friendly person sent me a message on Discord. Normally I ignore random chats, but this person demonstrated proof of work, so to speak, by offering to me that he streamed my movie, Victimless Crime Spree, to people on Twitch looking for fun and interesting content.

Well that’s great. I am induced to serve him because of his willingness to serve me by sharing my movie. He is helping me spread my ideas, and now he is coming to me asking to better understand one of my ideas. So hey, I feel inspired to give him an answer because he has demonstrated that spreads great ideas.

Since I took the time to respond to him, I figured I would amplify this message by posting here for you to enjoy.

Why I prefer to use BitcoinSV in almost all circumstances:

  1. They are both great. They are both bitcoin. They are both good at sending back and forth to people and things at high speed and low cost. They are trustworthy and valuable and have tons of great features and people working on them. Love them both.
  2. I like applications that use bitcoin. I like to use bitcoin. I like it when I can send bitcoin, and something cool happens. For example, when I “Like” a Twetch, I am sending $0.02 of bitcoin to the person who posted that content. When I comment on their thread, I am paying them $0.05 for the privilege of adding my words permanently attached to their content, and not only do they get paid for it, but it goes onto the blockchain where it will be stored forever. If I wanted to, I could take the transaction elsewhere to a different social media platform because I actually own my data as easily as I do a 12-word phrase.
  3. Storage size and decreasing fees. Because of the increasing size of the BitcoinSV blockchain, I can fit larger content onto the bitcoin blockchain and save data that is more fun than just payments. I can post pictures, audio, video, and other file types, encrypted, and share them with anyone else in the world. Theoretically, they could be stored forever, and I pay for that by submitting that data into multiple bitcoin transactions and paying fees for each one. The good news is, fees on BitcoinSV have actually been decreasing — so low, in fact, that the default is now 0.5 satoshis per byte! Amazing! Can they go lower? It’s up to the miners to decide. Ultimately it is they who receive payment. In a marketplace, it should be up to the business owner, the owner of the capital — not the commissar — to decide who receives services, in what quantity, and at what price. I have had fun posting pictures, using social media, and earning bitcoins all the way.

If you want proof that the best things in bitcoin are happening on the BitcoinSV blockchain, consider the following resources: – a data-focussed website that compiles and compares crucial information regarding each of the three bitcoins: BTC, BCH, and BSV. – a web app that functions like Twitter, but because it is built on bitcoin, all interactions are transactions occurring on the blockchain. You own your data — every post, every picture uploaded, every comment and like — just like you own your 12-word backup phrase. You can earn bitcoins for great posts by people clicking “like” and you receive coins right into your wallet. Unlike Twitter, you cannot be deleted. – a web app that functions like Facebook or Medium, but you get paid for the content you post. You can post content to the blockchain where it is stored permanently. Then you can set a price to charge for people to unlock that content. A few cents, probably. You get paid for creating great content, and you get a terrific ad-free experience because you actually pay for the content you are enjoying rather than having advertisers pay for your experience. and, the best wallets for bitcoiners and regular people. is great because it requires nothing. If you’re a bitcoin OG, you might prefer things this way. HandCash is a great wallet you can recommend to your friends and “normal” people because it works like they would expect. Really good UI. Both wallets, as with any BitcoinSV wallet, implement Paymail — a way to easily communicate your wallet address in a human-readable format. So for example, I have the paymail That’s a lot easier than trying to tell someone to send payment to: 1PEACE1yXxAvhnHxpYLFWiRu2A9rSxnkwG is a way to upload files to the bitcoin blockchain

Ark is an app that allows you to bookmark webpages on the blockchain. In so doing, you are creating curated content from the internet and storing it on the bitcoin blockchain for others and yourself to enjoy later. Imagine you want to save an article to read later. Then the page gets deleted for some reason. Well, it’s still there, right on the blockchain because you saved it with Ark.

These and countless other apps that I don’t have the time to mention — are all appearing on BitcoinSV. It is clear to me that because BitcoinSV is built to scale with a hands-off capitalistic approach, people who like to build things are attracted to building upon it. Bitcoin Cash seems to be focussed on what the devs can do for us, the users, whereas BitcoinSV seems to be focussed on what you, the entrepreneur, can do to serve the market.

As a freedom-lover, I believe the market is a man’s best hope for personal liberation. I intend to serve billions of people one day, and in so doing, I will induce billions of people to serve me — perhaps by sending me a small fraction of a penny in bitcoin for a service I offer at scale. The more I serve others in the free market, the more money I can make, and the more opportunities open up for me. In this way I am liberating myself from the state in which I was born: naked, penniless, and empty-headed.

The more money I make, the more I can learn about nutrition and health and philosophy and morality — and put that knowledge to productive use. Rather than focussing on the government for a solution to life’s problems, I can solve them myself independently using my brain and my hands. That might be a round-about way of saying it, but the bottom line is this: I am profit-seeking because it is moral and practical. BitcoinSV affords me the greatest potential for profiting by market activity rather than gambling or speculation as with other digital assets. That is why I prefer BitcoinSV.

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