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Bradley Manning’s Trial Prolonged Again

Bradley Manning, the man who leaked the footage of the US Military recklessly firing at journalists from helicopters in Iraq, was scheduled to have an arraignment this week.  There Bradley would have the opportunity to plea guilty or innocent, and whether or not he wanted a military judge or a jury to preside over the case.  The Guardian reported this Thursday Bradley chose to remain silent on those two issues.  Manning faces 22 charges, and if found guilty, would serve a sentence of life in military prison.

His trial date is set for the 3rd of August later this year.  Having already spent over 635 days in military prison, he will have been waiting in prison for over 800 days by the time the trial begins.

This is a classic case of shooting the messenger.  Agents of the state have murdered innocent civilians with no purpose except their own twisted gratification, and the man who points that out must suffer to send a clear message from the US military to the world:  Put up with senseless state violence, or spend life in prison.

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