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Interpol Arrests 25 Anonymous Activists; Suffers Peaceful Retaliation

The Guardian reported that Interpol’s website went down briefly on Tuesday. Anonymous claimed responsibility and announced the take-down was in response to the arrests of 25 hactivists in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Spain.

Interpol announced that their agents kidnapped the 25 alleged hackers, aged 17 to 40, under the umbrella of a mission called “Operation Unmask.”

The International Police searched 40 premises in 15 cities under threats of violence and stole around 250 items of IT equipment, mobile phones, payment cards and cash.

The Guardian Article continues,

Cyber-attacks by hackers linked to Anonymous have become a fairly regular occurance. Earlier this month, they marked the one-year anniversary of the uprising in Bahrain by attacking Combined Systems, a tactical weapons company that has been accused of selling tear gas canisters and grenades to Arab governments. Anonymous said the attack was in retaliation for sales by the company of chemical weapons “to repress our revolutionary movements. Also earlier this month, a leak by the hacking group of an 18-minute discussion between members of the FBI and the Metropolitan police embarrassed authorities and raised questions over how security was breached.”

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