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Spanish Town Grows Pot Despite Threats from Feds

The Associated Press reported Thursday that the people who call themselves the local government of Rasquera, a Spanish village of 900 residents, have voted 4 to 3 to lease land for growing cannabis in an attempt to create about 40 local jobs.

The AP says, “The idea is for private citizens to lease or lend land to town hall, which would then create a company to manage the land and lease it to an association of marijuana-smokers in Barcelona.”

A man who claims to be the federal government threatened to initiate force or violence against anyone planting even one seed that could grow to become cannabis plants.

An agent of the state gang of Spain revealed under the condition of anonymity that his gang does not, as a matter of policy, initiate violence against people who consume cannabis in small amounts. However they do, as a matter of policy, initiate violence against people who grow cannabis, advertise it, or exchange it with others for money.

A co-op style group called ABCDA has made an initial investment of $40k in the operation which includes hiring workers to grow, harvest and package the cannabis. Like most co-ops, the end product produced would go to ABCDA members.

Rasquera’s mayor, Bernat Pellisa, made the collowing comment at the City Council meeting this Wednesday: “It is a question of opportunity, which is going to bring in money and create jobs.”

Despite the obvious opportunity to improve the local economy in an area suffering poor economic fortune, agents of the state said Thursday that “the project has zero chance of getting off the ground.”

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