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Asians Ablaze

The Associated Press reported on a story this week of a growing trend of resistance in Tibet:

This Friday during a prayer ceremony, a Tibetan Buddhist monk named Tamchoe Sangpo lit himself on fire to protest the intrusion of Chinese paramilitary agents who invaded the monastery a month ago and refuse to leave. That brings the total number of Tibetan monk and nun self-immolations this year to 21.

China’s police and military have blocked off Tibetan areas to outsiders while imposing their presence inside the towns and monasteries. The Dalai Lama, the Tibetan Buddhist leader says he seeks increased autonomy for the Tibetan people. Agents of the Chinese government hold the Dalai Lama responsible for the anti-military protests which have resulted in the Chinese paramilitary killing an unknown number of Tibetans.

Hundreds of Tibetans who have received religious instruction from the Dalai Lama have been kidnapped and forced into indoctrination centers by agents of the Chinese government.

Friday’s self-immolation by Sangpo comes just days before the Tibetan new year this Wednesday.

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