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More Hampster Wheels from Burke

When my application for a concealed carry license was denied by the Keene PD last week, I went to the police station to have a conversation with Mr. Goodman, the man who sent the denial notice. I was told that he was away, and that my only available option is to appeal the decision. I filed for an appeal, which resulted in the scheduling of a hearing. Today I had that hearing.

I was prepared with questions for Mr. Goodman, copies of all relevant documents, my finest suit: I was sharp and ready for justice. When will I learn?

The hearing lasted all of 2 minutes. Judge Burke called my name, looked over some documents, and told me that I had filed the wrong piece of magic paper. I had filed an appeal. What I needed to do, he said, was file a motion with the court and the police department to drop my bail conditions regarding possession of a firearm or ammunition. That will result in another hearing where the man in the robe will consider dropping the bail conditions he allegedly imposed on me. Then, if I am successful in getting my bail conditions regarding firearms lifted, I could file the appeal for which I came today.

Wow. I was shocked. Judge Burke apparently had a copy of some bail conditions of which I wasn’t aware? How had I not receieved a copy? Why didn’t I receive a copy in court today, if the Judge had one? Why am I, a peaceful person, being denied the natural right to choose how to defend myself? Is this really how the system works, or am I being given the runaround?

I asked if, in the interest of justice, we could just handle that issue immediately rather than waste the time of filing paperwork and rescheduling another hearing weeks away. Denied. God forbid a murderer is looking for me and I need to defend myself in the meantime. A stranger who is unrelated to me and wears a dress and whom I do not respect is making threats to me if I exercise my right to carry a gun to defend myself.

This is how the agents of the state treat me, a peaceful person who hasn’t hurt anybody, but who has been the victim of endless state aggression and threats of abducting and caging.

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