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Never-Ending Freedom Song

1) Record yourself singing.

2) Upload it as a video response.


Version I:
The song of freedom never ends!
Its joyful justice just extends!
Sneers can never silence us, nor can oppressive laws,
No violence can si-o-lence us, we’ll persist because…

(repeat ad infinitum)

Version II:
Our never-ending freedom song,
Like liberty, moves right along!
It’s raucous, and it’s riotous, but peaceful, unlike laws,
No force can ever quiet us, we’ll sing it out, because

(repeat ad infinitum)

Version III:
The song of freedom never ends–
A great idea just extends
Like liberty itself, continuing without a pause,
To find a home within you! Sing along with us! Because…

(repeat ad infinitum)

All credit to Sam A. Robrin

Based on the song from Lamb Chop, “The Song That Doesn’t End.”

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