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Cop Pepper-Sprays Inside School

A policewoman in Hollis, New Hampshire thought it was the right thing
to do to take out her pepper spray and launch it unannounced into the
eyes of peaceful 21-year-old Eric Geller, who was visiting his alma
mater to have discussions with his former professors.
In my recent interview with Eric, he says that he can’t imagine how an
imaginary entity, “The State of New Hampshire” is able to be a victim
of his peaceful actions. He also says that he feels he has the right
to stand on public property so long as he’s not hurting anyone or
getting in the way, which he says he wasn’t. Eric is facing 3
misdemeanor A charges: Criminal Trespass (being on school property),
Disorderly Conduct (being on school property), and Resisting Arrest
(going limp), and faces up to 3 years in jail plus $3,000 in fines.
His story is particularly interesting because of the recent
militarization of local police and the growing state resistance to
members of the public treating public property as if it is for public

Here’s a clip from my recent interview with Eric.

Agents of the state certainly have a lot of nerve to claim that they
were acting to protect an imaginary entity, The State of New
Hampshire, and that Eric somehow insulted the peace and dignity of
this imaginary entity by peacefully standing on property for which he
is forced to pay.

It certainly has not been argued that Eric has infringed anyone else’s
rights, but how will agents of the state pay him restitution for the
harm they inflicted on him that day by attacking and caging him?
What penalties will this police woman face for her negligence and
disregard for student safety when she unnecessarily sprayed this
chemical weapon? She will claim she was protecting student safety,
but is introducing a chemical weapon which is banned by the
international rules of war into a school the way to achieve maximum

To those of you sitting on the fence about this issue: A young man
was standing on property for which his parents paid, hurting no one.
Unprovoked, a woman inflicted immense disorienting pain into his eyes
and locked him in a cage for ransom. If you wouldn’t be willing to do
these things yourself, then I posit that you have a responsibility and
an obligation to speak out against these actions. That means using
your wallet as well as your voice. If the police aren’t working for
you, don’t pay them!

Click here for the full interview.

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