Update: Pre-Trial Hearing Today

I filed 5 motions today at my pre-trial hearing for the Live Free Or Dance Jury Trial.


Motion to Dismiss
1) Violates 4th Amendment Guaranteeing I be secure in my persons and property.
2) No evidence of a proper and lawful investigation has ever been demonstrated.
3) There is no victim in this case except myself.

Motion for Dropping of Bail Conditions
1) None of my current charges, if convicted, would disqualify me from possessing a firearm or ammunition.
2) None of the alleged offenses are in any way violent, and I am and have always been a peaceful person.
3) Renders me helpless in any difficult situation in which I could otherwise defend myself.

Motion for Full Discovery
1) Relevant infomation to the incident at hand
2) including a copy of the police dispatch log,
3) audio recordings of Keene police transmissions one hour before or after the time of arrest

Motion for Witness List
1) Listed 5 witnesses, all of whom were present at the time of the alleged crimes
2) 1 is also a character witness
3) These people will speak about:
Cecelia: filming the encounter and having a brief discussion with the kidnapper, Michael Kopcha.
JJ: police activity from the ground in a wheelchair compared with my behavoir
Mark: presence at beginning of dance party, volume compared with Keene Music Festival the week before
Talley: cops arrival and lead up to arrest
Rapsher: pepper spraying

Motion for Emotion
1) John Arnold recently ordered that there be no displays of emotion in court.
2) Emotion is a natural basic expression of a living human.
3) Emotion accompanies sound argumentation about a subject which evokes passion.

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