On Criticism

I value a varied approach to achieving liberty in our lifetimes. I have an expression I’ve been reminding myself for years that I call Q-TIP: “Quit Taking It Personally.” I’m all ears for feedback, and I love to receive it. Not only does it mean you’re talking about something I’m doing (50% of the win in my mind), but it means you’re offering me an opportunity to improve in an area where I may have a blind spot.

I want to grow the numbers of individuals who are willing to get active to achieve liberty in their lifetimes. I know that a key element of inspiring others is to get them talking about these issues. Whether they’re bashing or supporting, the key is to get people talking and thinking about them. If what I do is not interesting, there’s plenty of television that will entertain them.

I’ve got a lot to learn, so please keep it coming. I’ve already implemented Dale’s suggestion of doing a video intro of what I’m doing so that the audience can identify more with a person and not just see chaos. I’m glad he spoke up because it made my recent arrest video 10000x’s more relatable (going to the grocery store…minding my own business).

I’m much more effective outside of jail, so I do my very best to avoid that.

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