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Heavy Heart

I’m going through the toughest time I’ve experienced on earth. I’m sifting through all the court paperwork I’ve received over the last year, and it weighs about 2 lbs, literally. I somehow acquired 11 different charges against the State of New Hampshire without involving a single victim. It fills me with petrifying fear to think that each charge carries between 30-365 days.

I have 4 trials coming up in the next 2 months, and as I see it, my greatest hope is to reach out and touch the jury, connect with them, and show them that I should be free. In some cases, however, there is no jury. Sometimes times the judge is corrupt and even under investigation for impeachment.

I am doing my best to turn this into a positive learning experience from which I can benefit while also helping others. I’ve been preparing a video about the charges hanging over my head, and I’ll be sure to share it here when it is finished.

For now, dear reader, thank you for your concern. I wish I knew of a way that others can help, but this unfortunately seems to be a battle I alone must fight.

I’ll be representing myself and seeking the assistance of a public defender for the purposes of helping me negotiate with the prosecutors and to field questions about Legal Land.

If you’re interested, here’s a link to all the videos of my alleged crimes in playlist form:

Peace & Love,

Derrick J.

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