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Day 2 – May 8, 2012

I walked in here yesterday shortly after 4:20 PM. I have been treated well by everyone here. I am no longer in isolation. I am in general population with some of the other inmates, who are pretty friendly. Some of them I recognize from my time here last month. I am in R-Block. Currently, my sentence is 50 days but at an unknown date and time, I will be called before District Court where a sentence for the Live Free of Dance Party will be added to my current sentence. I am hoping the sentence is suspended but using history as a guide, my educated guess is that a sentence of 180 days plus $1240, all but the fine suspended, will be imposed. I won’t pay the fine but will ask if 124 hours of community service would serve the fine. If the find is paid, I could be out on June 25th. If not, I will serve time at the House of Corrections at the rate of $50 a day. FTL, its active listenership, and the activists in The Shire are the only things keeping me hanging on with my chin up. My hope is that people will be exposed to the ideas of liberty and decide to move to The Shire to get active. I strongly recommend focusing on activism that has little risk of jail.

I want to tell my parents before I forget – Happy Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. I’ll be in jail for those, but I’ll be thinking of you and making breakfast for you both with I get out.

I don’t have regrets about this because I think a lot of good came from it, but I’d like to share that if I had the opportunity to do it all again, knowing what I know now, I would focus my activism on one thing at a time until it was completely resolved in court before moving on to the next thing.

I love you, and I love the listeners of this show! Thanks for your support everyone! Cecelia Freechild is my official spokesperson who will be updating while I’m away. She’s my #1 contact on the outside right now.

I tried to call in to FTL, but I wasn’t successful (for whatever reason, my call was not accepted). Tomorrow Beau will be here. He is expected for 25 days, I think. It will be good to have his company. I am most looking forward to falling into a routine so that some of the fear of the unknown disappears. I also look forward to receiving the pens I ordered on commissary – the $15 from last month is still in the account, but Ian’s $50 wouldn’t take in the machine, so I’ll have to wait until next Friday to get a radio. I haven’t yet heard the official sentence for LFOD, but I anticipate the fine will stay, meaning today is now, I think, day 2 of 75. One of the jail guards just confirmed that for me. During Sentencing, I will remind the court that I spent the night in jail and so $50 should be removed from the fine, if the whole thing won’t just be suspended. If I do serve 75 days, it will make me the longest-serving Keeniac yet, but I’m happy without that title if circumstances change.

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