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Day 4 – May 10, 2012

I just learned today that fines are served in segregation rather than general population. This disturbs me and kind of makes my head spin. Beau is being brought out of segregation and observation and brought to D-Block. I’m sad because I wished he would be here with me but it will be good for Josh to have the company. I also had my first visitors today – Ian + Kelly. I also go to call in to FTL and share my story for the first time, where Ian revealed to me that already $260 of my upcoming trip has been funded, which is over 10% of the total. That was encouraging. I’m writing this now just about 10 feet from Beau’s “observation” cell, but he looks really sad.

I asked if I could give Beau a hug and the C.O., Mr. Coyle, said that would probably be ok if he were here. My. Coyle is funny even if in kind of a prick way.
I just remembered that Michele recommended that I write to Mr. Van Wickler, the man in charge or running the jail, to ask if I can serve a fine in general population rather than in segregation. Yay! I just communicated with Beau without either of us being spotted. I showed him the sign I made and he mouthed “I will. I miss you to”. [Amoung Derrick’s letters there was a sign that he made for Beau. I wasn’t sure how to transcribe it appropriately, so I left it out. It said: “I miss you. Tell Josh Hi.”] I’m sad that he’s going to D-Block, but I’ll ask if it’s possible for me to get moved to D-Block also. Perhaps a letter to Van Wickler about being moved would help. It sure is nice to have a real pencil with an eraser for once. The full-length pencil feels much nicer on my hand than the gold pencils which I am usually provided in this jail. My Ayers reluctantly provided it to me after my request for a law library visitation request form.

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