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Day 7 – May 13, 2012

The world, as I see it, has been arranged as such: Those with power maintain their rule by deceit and those who don’t. There are individuals (globalists, let’s call them) who for generations have intentionally bred and groomed themselves outside of the rest of society by going to private schools when they learn that it is their job to rule over others and the mass of children attend “free” schools (which they actually pay for) where they are groomed and bred to act and live as slaves to shoes who were bred to rule them. If the earth were a place where – ah, scratch that. I just see individuals like jail guards and those jailed as part of the same class – its’ neo feudalism – those who call themselves the government somehow believe that either they are exempt from personal responsibility or they are doing the right thing.

I guess all I’m saying is – it’s a little too fishy how the world works with so many people so complacent in their slave lifestyle. Is humanity doomed to forever live as a self-cannibalizing beast? I must get better at spreading a clear and consistent message extolling the virtues of individual freedom – Ah! Perhaps I should request a Stephan Molyneux book for the jail.

May 13th 2012

Dear Friends,

I miss you all dearly and am thinking of you constantly. I am already 10% of the way through my anticipated sentence, although my actual release date is still uncertain at this time. Please find enclosed some of my writings from my experience here at the Keene Spiritual Retreat. Publish what you like where you like, but the original intention of these particular writings is to keep a journal of my thoughts and stave off loneliness. I am sending them to you in case you miss me and would find my jail musings interesting. Special thanks to Ian and Kelly for the frequent visits that help me feel connected to the outside. Also, special thanks to Cecelia for being my #1 point of contact and “the keeper of the keys” so to speak. Thank you also to those who helped me by tying up the loose ends left behind in my room – I am so grateful for your assistance in what was a tumultuous time for me.

Thank you!

Love Derrick J

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