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Day 8 – May 14, 2012

Great! After hours of tossing and turning, trying to fall asleep and having jailguards shine flashlights on me, I am awaken by a “BRRRRNKTC!” Gentlemen! Mr. Horton, Mr. Ortega. You both have kitchen duty this morning. You have about 30 minutes. It’s quarter after [5 AM]”. Ugh! NOOOOOOO!

I worked in the kitchen today with Joe Ortega, Joe Leech, James Price, and Lee “E” Shelton. It was okay and I ate a lot and enjoyed my conversation with Scott. Scott shared with me that he has 6 pet chickens and is interested in attaining personal independence “with a plan” rather than ideology.

I missed the opportunity to say goodbye to Shaun Legassee, who left today. Luckily my roommate got his contact info so I can do a followup on his story for

I received a book today. “Mrs. Richards” called me downstairs to receive it. It is “Be Still like the Humming Bird” by Henry Miller, a collection of essays. It was sent by my mom and selected by her and Rob. They told me to expect it Wednesday but it came 2 days early. “Mrs. Richards” told me that this time it would slide because I probably didn’t know, but in the future “Major Mousou” wants me to send him a memo on the kiosk informing him of any incoming books. The odd part is that I have no way of ordering books for myself, so there is literally no way I could know if a book is coming in from a fan or loved one unless I speak with them on the phone or “in person” during a visit. But since the jail doesn’t allow incoming calls, how is a fan supposed to tell me that they have sent something?? It seems illogical to me.

I haven’t read the book I received yet, but since the book cart is in the block, I picked up “Tuesdays with Morrie” and TarrinLupo’s “Pirates of the Savannah” and I put back the crappy Excalibur/King Arthurbook I was previously reading to help me sleep. Already I am over 100 pages in to “Tuesdays with Morrie” – it is fantastic. I’ve only been reading for about 2 hours, but I must’ve cried a gallon of tears, and I can’t stop turning pages. I am very excited that tonight I will be able to watch a live episode of Free Keene TV. Last Monday I was in “observation” so I didn’t have the opportunity. I’ll have to borrow someone’s headphones and radio to watch it today or share with another inmate watching.
Rapsher just came to visit me – the visits always fly by – it was just too short. It really lifts my spirits to have visitors. I miss Rapsher and think of him often – he’s a great person and a wonderful, dedicated, and articulate activist and proponent of person freedom.

The way the jail guard says “Head Count” sounds like the way an owner commands a dog, in a short, harsh tons that is clearly an order, not an announcement. I don’t like being commanded like a dog.

Ugh, Joe has been sleeping in the room for hours – I really feel like I can’t rewrite these motions today. I have to find out when my next court date is. I’ll call Michele Seven to thank for her card and find out – if not Ian may know.

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