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Ryan Maddox Shares Health!

The following are my notes on Ryan Maddox’s discussion of health:

Ryan Maddox’s Discussion on Nutrients and Dietary Supplements @ the KAC:


Pursuing Health costs money, so get the maximum results.

Purity and potency are what to look for in a product.

Before you go out to buy a product, know the intended result.

organic gynostemma pentaphyllum (gynostemma) – Tea, Grass, adaptogen — help you adapt to stressors (physiological)
— contains sapponens

hypothalamic pituitary adrenal

tolsi (holy basil) — (tea)

Grassfed Ghee (clarified butter)
— medicine, butter oil, potent source of fat soluble vitamins: A, D, E, & K

Water soluble vitamins are in fruits: B & C & E

Vitamins A and K are not easy to get.

K1 is in green leafy vegetables
K2 is in cod liver oil, fish oil, dairy, fermented soy bean (Natto)

fermented cod liver oil
vitamins a & d & CLA (cla is anti oxidant and anti cancer)
lauric, buteric, and ___ acid

mushrooms — vitamin d
sun-dried mushrooms have more d3 than normal

originates in Japan
grown in Hawaii
helps in healing
high amount of minerals and vitamins
used for beauty
increasing quality of skin and eyes and hair
“Chlorella growth factor
can replace a multivitamin

Cytocabaliman can be turned into cyanide

Long term health strategy:
Forget vitamins. Get nutrients and minerals from FOOD. Supplement the Food with minerals and nutrients which are also food.

Krill Oil
doesn’t go rancid on store shelf like fish-oil does

Chlorella is #1 supplement

cyanobacteria – bacteria that photosynthesizes
– broadest source of nutrients

Pure Planet is a good brand.

mixed diet is preferable
eat tons of leafy greens, eat them raw, get soil bacteria
cook some food (not everything raw)

How can I learn what my metabolic needs are:
get some blood work and urine tests done

metabolic individuality

Sour Kraut is fermented
fermented foods break down compounds that cause sensitivity

Some people’s body’s attack dairy thinking that it’s a pathogen

Kefir – cultured milk product
has both bacteria and yeast
better than yogurt

Greek Yogurt has full fat compared with regular yogurt
more protein

makes Ryan feel deep nurishment and sense of well-being
“bovine” = from cow
makes people resistent to all kinds of infectious diseases
alternative to vaccines
natural immunization for newborn mammal
calostrum is created in blood at time of birth
rich source of growth factors and immune factors and fatty acids and nutritious compounds

medicinal mushrooms
a form of adaptogens
Reishi mushroom
most researched herb on the planet
been known for 6000 years
unlike other foods, these mushrooms have a polysaccharide around their cell walls, so it takes 2 hours of boiling them to get the nutrients out.

modulation – concept

adaptogens can modify a body process

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