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Don’t Take the Plea Outreach

I stayed up last night editing videos and working on the site, so when 7am came around, I decided to shower and go to the District Court to hand out “Don’t Take the Plea Deal” flyers. I got to hand out 15 today, including 1 to a member of law enforcement (who requested “the new one”). It took about 45 minutes of standing on the first floor of City Hall from 8am to 8:45 when folks stop trickling in.

Doing “Don’t Take the Plea Deal” outreach not only feels good because I am giving people valuable information, but because I get to make a friendly impression on Keene’s bureaucrats. I received compliments on my outfit, got friendly waves, and even saw “judge Burke.” I think it’s valuable to show these bureaucrats that I am human. And not only am I human, but I’m an especially friendly person when I’m not being detained and coerced by men with guns.

Hopefully more people who receive tickets for victimless crimes will refuse the plea deals, clog the judicial system, and inspire law enforcement to exercise discretion when administering tickets.

If you haven’t already seen these incredible flyers, check them out at the bottom of this blog post.

You can read more about “Don’t Take the Plea Deal” outreach on the FreeKeene Forums.

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