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Fundraising for Exile

Today I am painting a neighbor’s house for some cash.  Tomorrow I’ll be weeding another neighbor’s garden.  This is how I’ve been raising money while I prepare for the “Tour” part of my Exile to kick off (Aug 18th).  It’s therapeutic putting my body to work at these tasks, though I would much rather be filming and editing videos with a liberty message.  I’m making the best of this time though, and I’m finding that making connections with neighbors and providing services for them is rewarding in a different–almost spiritual–way.

Even if I work this way every day for the next 2 weeks, I still won’t be totally prepared for Exile.  I’ll need some money for Greyhound tickets, meals, and crash-spaces, as well as the ever-important livestreaming services I’ll be using to document the journey.  Some supporters of mine have chosen to donate to help me cover these costs.  You can too!  I’m already 43% of the way to completing my goal of raising $1,000 to begin the tour.  Read more about how you can support me here.  To those who have already donated, thanks for your support!

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