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Hanging with Super-Activist Eddie Free

As free men and women, fully capable of assessing the nutritional quality of our diet, we will decide for ourselves, without state intrusion, that which we voluntarily procure to sustain our lives.
~ Super-Activist Eddie Free

You may know Eddie Free from his dance parties at the Jefferson Memorial in D.C.

Or perhaps from his civilly disobedience Swimsuit Party in Ashbury Park, NJ?

Most likely, though, you know him through one of his extensive facebook pages, The Benevolent Order of Agorist Hunters, and Virginia, and Fr33 Agents among them.

Eddie Free is a national voluntaryist activist known for coordinating events attended by large crowds. How does he draw such multitudes? Expert networking. He uses facebook, twitter, blogs, e-mail lists, and other social media tools to promote events and encourage attendance at venues which inspire peaceful resistance to bad laws.

Easily one of the busiest and most active of the liberty community, a simple rundown of his website will show he’s been doing an interview a day to promote his latest event, Lemonade Raw Milk Freedom Day.

Check out for a rundown of this weekend’s activities and learn more about Eddie in his latest interview with AnCap Chase.

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