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Know Your Rights Conference A Huge Success

Today I attended the Know Your Rights Conference in the heart of Mordor: Washington D.C. It was a lovely and quaint event attended by about 45 people. There were 8 speakers who spoke for about 15-30 minutes each with time for breaks and questions in between.

The style was very informal, and the participants were quietly attentive but also spoke up to ask questions or make an insightful comments.

The dinner was excellent–sincerely one of the best of my life. It was self-serve buffet style, with no central planning dictating serving order. The self organization worked perfectly without a top-down approach to the meal. There was chicken, pork, cole-slaw, salad, bread, butter, and most importantly, raw milk. All of the food came from sustainable farms. It is unknown to me from whence the raw milk came, but I will tell you it was DELICIOUS. There’s truly nothing like it. I could immediately sense that I was consuming a living product: the raw milk itself is filled with health-supporting organisms!

I learned a lot from the speakers today and was inspired by the brave actions of these food enthusiasts and farmers who courageously stand up to the oppressive criminal goons of the FDA.

This was an event populated by mothers, one of my favorite trend-bucking qualities of the conference.

One of the mothers and organizers, Liz Reitzig of Maryland, gave an impassioned speech about the courage of those throughout history who’ve stood up to state violence with confidence and grace.

Max Kane from Wisconsin spoke about the importance of exercising rights for one’s own self-interest. He drew a fascinating parallel between exercising one’s muscles and exercising one’s rights and how the benefits of both cannot be attributed to an outside actor.

Robert Fernandes of New Jersey introduced the basic tenants of Voluntary Exchange and the Non-Aggression Principle.

Pete Eyre and Clyde Voluntaryist spoke on the legal aspect of civil disobedience and navigating the various options activists will face when going through the “justice system.”

Kristin Canty spoke on being an activist mom and the amazing journey of discovering the healing abilities of raw milk and its life-transforming effect on the life of her son, who was allergic to everything and was cured with raw milk. She also spoke about the creation of documentary which takes a look inside the farming and dairy industries in the U.S., Farmageddon.

I had the opportunity to speak on performing civil disobedience in the age of cell phone cameras and social media.

John Moody of Kansas inspired me with his calm retelling of the story of his epic win against the state after facing the loss of his food, business, and freedom.

The event left me feeling energized. Before leaving I had the pleasure of joining Angel Clark for her radio show and spoke about Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree.

Given the momentum created today and the combination of passionate energies, I’m looking forward to tomorrow being a tremendous success.

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